How to Maintain Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a good alternative for natural grass. It not only reduces the cost of maintenance like reseeding, mowing the lawn and watering but has other benefits too. While it’s really good for the long run, in order to get the best return of your investment you need to ensure that the grass is maintained properly. It’s true that fake grass requires less maintenance than natural grass but if you do some it will last long.

Here are a few tips for maintaining artificial grass. 

Have the right equipment

Artificial grass will be laid in open areas and dry leaves and dust particles will always accumulate over it. You need to keep them clean and thus must have certain tools handy. You will not require a lawn mower but a leaf blower and hose pipe will always do well in keeping the area clean. 

Take care post-installation

Post installation care is very important because otherwise dust and grime will accumulate over the grass and destroy its texture soon. Sand will also accumulate and you must sweep the turf at regular intervals. Also follow any instruction from the manufacturer. 

Take care post-installation

Tend to the turf as needed

Normally if you tend the fake grass once in three months it’s good enough. However, you must remember that in case you have children or pets playing over it then you may have to do it quite often. In case of any spills it’s necessary to clean the turf immediately. 

Brush Regularly

In order to maintain the turf brushing is most important. Fake grass blades should also stand like the natural grass, upright! Over time even the best quality blades of fake grass will bend and thus it is necessary to brush it regularly. This way it will look natural and maintain its sheen over a long time. 

Rinse Frequently

In case you find that the grass is full of debris you can rinse it well. If there are any stains or dirty spots then you can even use mild detergent for cleaning the stains. If there are any heavy stains from grease, sunscreen or motor oil then you may use mineral spirit for cleaning them. 

Eliminate Stench

If you have pets at home then it is obvious that they may urinate over the grass. Over time you can get some foul odor and that cannot be left unseen. In case the turf smells you must clean it with enzyme cleaner. Then hose the area with a water pipe. It will help in reducing the foul smell and keep the lawn clean. 

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