3 Smart Tips to Avoid Moving Scam

There are some cases of moving scam in Mesa which make people reluctant to use a moving company service. The scammers will try to rip you off by taking your belongings hostage, asking for hidden additional price and even just disappear with your belongings. To avoid this, the best way you can do is by hiring the most trust worthy local movers in Mesa Arizona. And in addition to that, you can also do these following things.

Avoid Moving Scam

Ask for Written and Binding Contract

Make sure everything is written in contract, especially about the price. Don’t make an agreement only by phone or conversation. Negotiate the price by weight instead of how much space your belongings take in the truck. Weight is more certain and will prevent you from having to pay for hidden additional price.

Check the Company’s Address

Reputable company will definitely have an office. So, if something happens, you know where to find them. It is better to do some research before contacting a moving company. If you find them from a website, make sure the website is legit and not just an impostor trying to get a customer from a reputable company. This is often happen, so you need to be really careful.

Do Not Pay Cash and Do Not Give Deposit

Reputable company will never ask for payment upfront. You will need to pay only after the job is done and your belongings are safe. So, if a company asks for a deposit or any kind of payments before the job is done, you must raise a suspicion. Also remember not to pay in cash to the movers. You don’t want to risk those workers running with your money without giving them to the company. Pay directly to the company by the method of payments they approve. You really need to be aware of these scams. Protect your valuables by researching everything first and only trust your belongings to a legitimate and licensed company.

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