10 DIY Australian Home Decor Ideas

While Australia has no shortage of great shopping, it might be time for you and your wallet to embrace the recent craze of DIY. You get the artistic and creative benefit of making something new using your own two hands (a rarity these days), while saving yourself a ton of money. Check out these ten easy DIY options to fill your home with a decor that’s all your own.

Australian Home Decor Ideas

Mason Jar Soaps

Stop spending money on individual soap dispensers, when you can make these cute mason jar soap dispensers yourself. You’ll save tons of money in the long run because you can buy liquid hand soap in bulk and just refill these containers as needed. You simply need a pair of scissors, a mason jar with a lid, and the pump from an old soap dispensers. You can dress the jars up with lace, ribbon or paint depending on your decor.

Cross Stitched Throw Pillows

Cross stitching is the best DIY project because suddenly all those empty hours in front of the TV have meaning! You can choose any message or image, and transfer the finished design onto a cute throw pillow for your living room. Guests will be so impressed with your DIY skills, and you’ll have a great talking piece. This easy tutorial shows you how to make your cross stitch into a pillow, and this could become a great project with kids. Enjoy!

Ceramic Pots

Ceramics give your house an arty and unique vibe; unfortunately, quality pieces can cost a small fortune. Make your own pretty easily for an afternoon project, or pick up affordable and classic ceramics to save yourself the mess.

Tool Box Storage

Have you ever made trip after trip into the kitchen during a dinner party for forgotten items like napkins and salt and pepper? This little DIY project is an ingenious solution: simply convert an old-fashioned tool box into a cute, portable storage system for napkins, cutlery, condiments, and toothpicks. It’ll make backyard BBQs a breeze.

Faux Flower Arrangements

Love the look of fresh flowers, but can’t afford the weekly price tag? Consider faux flowers—you never have to throw them out and you can get high-quality flowers that look completely real. It also gives you way more flexibility for decorating, because you can arrange them however you want and mix tons of different colors and types.

Paint Classes

A fun excuse for a night out, a paint class teaches you to paint a simplistic landscape image in one night—alcohol is definitely involved. You’ll end up with a unique and passably good painting that you can hang in your home and brag about how you painted it yourself. Win!

Restore Old Furniture

Don’t throw out that old dresser or side table—restore it easily with a fun chalk paint tutorial or re-stain it until it gleams like new. You can modernize it with new handles or even adding studs to old armchairs. You’ll save so much money by not having to buy new furniture, and you’ll feel so satisfied with your DIY prowess.

Color-Blocking Walls

The newest trend for painting is color blocking which involves painting sections of your walls to create a unique and modern look. It’s so ridiculously easy to do, and your rooms will become completely revamped. All you need is some masking tape, a paint brush, and your creative spirit!

DIY Vases

Make fun and unique DIY vases to store all your new faux flowers in; there are so many ways to transform a vase, such as decorating it with pennies for a bronzed look, or even gluing sections of bark to the vase.

Hand-Dyed Napkins

Save a ton of money on cloth napkins by buying cheap, plain white napkins and hand-dyeing them to match your decor. You’ll love the variety of ways you can dye them, and the finished product looks so pretty and unique on your dinner table.

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