Create a French Style Decor for Your Bedroom

French style is very popular in interior decor; it brings a sense of comfort and luxury in a room. Inspired by the royal court of the Kings and Queens of France, French style puts antique, rustic and floral details together to add elegance and aesthetics to your home. Decorating your bedroom in the French style doesn’t require much time and the spend will mainly depend on what accessories you are willing to reuse and on how French you would like your interior to be. Although there are many ways to create a French-themed decor, below are the key features in French-style decorating, providing you with ideas to work with.

Create a French Style Decor for Your Bedroom


Colour Themes

There are two schools of thought regarding French-style color themes. Classic French-themed decor usually features a predominance of light shades such as pale cornflower blue, soft pink as well as various shades of cream, such as gold and pale yellow. Alternatively, a French country-style relies more on colors close to mustard, terra cotta and also bright primary colors. There are a variety of color palettes that suit French decor, so you should consider the one you like the most – either a classic French looking theme or French country designs – then choose the furniture and accessories to work with.


Once you have chosen the best colors and designs for your decor theme, you need to bring warmth and style to your room by choosing the right furniture. The most imposing pieces of furniture such as the bed, the wardrobe and chairs must evoke the French feel. When it comes to French designs there is a number of French furniture options and variety of styles you can choose from. You go shabby chic by choosing refurbished vintage pieces or Parisian bohemian by working with an eclectic mix of furnishing and designed objects. You can also choose to go classic and furnish your bedroom with rococo furniture and French antiques.

The Bed

As the most imposing pieces of furniture in your bedroom, bed frames and the headboards shouldn’t be neglected. Draw attention to your bed by choosing the type of bed that will perfectly match the French style you would like to create. For a classic or shabby chic look, a canopy bed with four posters will work wonders. For a Parisian bohemian look a wrought iron bed frame with an ornate headboard will create a great effect and if you prefer to bring a more country style to your bedroom you should go for a wooden bed frame complemented by an upholstered headboard.

The Door

Your French decor wouldn’t be entirely French without an ornate door standing out. The door is a very important feature in French decorating. This is the first thing people see when they come into your bedroom and its design should evoke the French decoration you have chosen for the inside. You have lots of options for creating a French door for your bedroom entrance. Decorated door frames are a must, but you can also go for a folding door depending on your preceding decorating choices.


Accessories will take your décor to the next level and complete the overall look of your bedroom. Here again, there are so many options to choose from and you can decide to work around artwork by placing paintings, portraits, and frames on your walls. Consider street scenes of Paris, faux-French impressionism or even royal portraits. Good ideas to increase the French feel of your bedroom include bold floral additions, ornate mirrors, decorated pottery, ceramics and anything that adds a French accent and coordinates with the colors you have chosen for your bedroom.

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