How to Check the Reliability of a Moving Company?

When everyday you read news about moving scams, it is a big question how to find a reliable mover. Well, to find whether a moving company is really reliable or not, you will have to take some pains, do some study and only then you should hire that mover. To trust a mover blindly may take you to some serious loss.

How to Check the Reliability of a Moving Company

Firstly you should check whether the mover has a real office and has trucks and storage facility and if the trucks have the company’s name marked permanently on them. While talking to the sales person of the company, get as much information about the company as possible and the information should necessarily contain DOT and MC license numbers, along with full name, DBA name (Doing Business As), period for which the company is operating, phone numbers and email id, website address if any, etc.

Now after getting the DOT and MC license numbers, you can verify a lot of things through various sources. You may consult an official website of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) through which you can find out the license information of the mover. On the site’s page, you will see a ‘Company Snapshot’ link among the links given below, among the FMCSA Searches. After clicking it, you will get a page containing a search field, where you have to enter the DOT license number you have got from your mover. After clicking ‘search’, you will get a full report of the mover, if the number is correct. If the number is incorrect, you better find another mover. You should check the report thoroughly. You can check the following things:

 Whether the name, address and contact numbers your mover provided are matching with those present against the DOT license number.
 Company’s size by checking the fields named as ‘Power Units’ and ‘Drivers’.
 Whether the company is still in operation, if there is ‘No’ in the ‘Out of Service’ field.
 The date of application for the license through a field named ‘MCS-150 Form Date’.
 Inspection records. If the company has been operating since three years, but has not undergone an inspection, it is a wrong sign.
 Some fields should be marked with X, like ‘Auth for Hire’ under Operation Classification, ‘Interstate’ under Carrier Operation and ‘Household Goods’ under Cargo Carried.

These are a few points, you should check, to ensure whether the moving company you are planning to hire is reliable or not. The time spent on this research will save you from big hazards that may arise due to scamming moving companies. Therefore ensure to do all the checking before hiring a mover.

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