How to Increase Your Roofs Lifespan

The roof of your Calgary house is an extremely essential feature that encounters regular wear and tear. Although every roof will have to be replaced at some time, how long it is going to last depends on a number of aspects; the materials used and how you maintain it.

How to Increase Your Roofs Lifespan

Kinds of Materials Used

The most typical materials used are wood, asphalt, tile, foam, steel and slate. Asphalt shingles may last from 18 to 30 years where wood shakes might last 14 to 20 years. Tile, steel and slate may all usually last for 50 years when maintained. A foam roof will often last for 10 to 15 years, although if certain types of coatings are used, it might last as much as 30 years. When you decide to replace your roof, make sure to select high quality materials which will hold up well in your environment.

How you can Increase Your Roofs Lifespan

There are many ways to make your homes roof last longer. You can look for wear and tear, look after trees and frequently clean the roof.

Examine Your Roof

One method to boost the lifespan of your roof is to examine it yearly. For environments with severe winters, it is advisable to examine the roof when winter has ended. For very hot environments, do this in late summer time. It is also a wise decision to check your roof right after heavy rainfall or hail storms. Search for curled up edges or cracks, especially on wood shakes or asphalt shingles. Additionally make sure to search for any kind of dips in the roofing. This might be an indicator of a leak. These types of issues tend to be simpler to repair if they are caught right away, therefore be sure to examine your homes roof for any indicators frequently.

Be Aware of Early Signs of a Leaky Roof

An annual roof checkup is excellent, however issues can happen anytime. Early signs of problems include:

Dark sections on ceilings.
Paint peeling on the bottom of roof overhangs.
Moist spots along fireplaces.
Water stains on plumbing, venting, water heating unit or furnace.
Clean Your Roof

Cleaning your gutters is essential for your roofs life span. Blocked gutters are often associated with causing issues for your basement or your siding; however it can impact your homes roof as well. When the piles of leaves get too much, water could get into the roofing sheathing or rafters and start to decay. Clean the gutters each fall and springtime to avoid rot. A few areas are specifically vulnerable to moss. Moss may trap water and become really damaging; therefore it is vital that you take it off. If it is cleaned up early, the moss may typically be swept off. In case a large amount of moss has gathered, it might have to be killed first.

Hire a Professional

There are several pieces of roof which you may be able to perform yourself for example little repairs, however a lot of the things that have to be done to keep your roof up and in good condition are things that are most likely much better left for Calgary roofing companies or experts. In the end, if you were to perform something yourself and were to screw up on it you could be dealing with really serious and costly consequences.

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