Watering Houseplants in Winter

1- Tropical plants

Calatheas, maranta, ficus, palms, orchids, Aechmeas, come from countries where temperatures are constantly around 27 ° C and where humidity and precipitation are abundant throughout the year. In our apartments in winter, these hygrometric conditions are not met, the plants suffer from dryness of the ambient air especially if heating means are put in place constantly.

The watering of these plants can be reduced in winter, if the room temperature is not too high, but should not be stopped. A weekly watering should, however, be sufficient if it is hearty. Never let the water stagnate in the dish because the roots would be asphyxiated causing certain death of the plant.

Watering Houseplants in Winter

As we have seen, more than watering, it is the humidity that must be really controlled. Tropical plants need high humidity to grow in good conditions. For that, create islands of greenery by grouping your plants which by evapotranspiration will ensure a more humid atmosphere of which they will profit mutually.

Alternatively, place each pot on holds placed in large cups filled with clay ballskept constantly moist. The wedges allow the roots not to be in direct contact with the water and thus to prevent their decay. The diameter of the cup should correspond roughly to that of the spreading of the plant.

Do not hesitate to spray water at room temperature twice a day on your plants.

If your apartment is equipped with connectors, install specific water diffusers on each of them and fill them regularly, the air will be less dry.

The orchids will be watered by a weekly drench in water at room temperature. Attention, this operation must last long enough so that the water can go up to the top of the pot. Count a dip of about two to three hours each week.

All tropical plants will enjoy daily sprays morning and evening with water at room temperature.

2- The plants of the temperate zones

Other plants available in winter in garden centers, do not tolerate heat. Originating from temperate zones they cannot stay long beautiful in our overheated apartments. This is particularly the case of cyclamen or azalea, two plants that need freshness (between 13 and 16 ° C) and moisture to survive.

Water them once or twice a week and place them on thin sponges soaked in water so that they can draw moisture according to their needs. Install these plants in a cool room or unheated room.

Overwintered plants such as citrus fruits, hibiscus or pelargoniums will only require very sparse watering if the conservatory or conservatory is not heated. Wait until the soil dries well on the surface of 3 to 5 cm depending on the size of the pot before watering again. Never leave water in the cups.

3- The cacti

Cacti are an exception in the world of so-called indoor plants. Watering will have to be stopped from October to March and then gradually taken again. This is to avoid many fungal diseases causing the death of your plants.

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