Plant and Maintain Muscari

How to choose muscaris bulbs?

Choose firm bulbs with no stains, mold or injury. Prefer the largest caliber possible for a more beautiful flowering.

When to plant muscari?

The muscari is planted in autumn before the first cold, for a bloom from late winter to early spring depending on the region and variety.

How to plant muscari?

The muscari can be planted in the ground or in pots, where it will embellish your compositions.

Plant and Maintain Muscari

Planting in the ground

  • Choose a sunny or semi-shaded location.
  • Remove wild herbs with the hoe. Muscari needs well-drained soil, so if your soil is heavy add well-decomposed compost and sand to make it looser and more permeable. These two amendments will prevent bulb rot by providing a draining element (sand) and fertilize the soil with organic matter (compost).
  • Rake the soil on the future planting area then dig holes that are only slightly larger than the diameter of the bulb every 8 cm.
  • Install each bulb at a depth equal to 2 times the height of the bulb.
  • Top with the earth and tamp lightly with the palm of your hand.
  • No need to water.

Pot planting

  • Choose a terracotta pot pierced at its bottom.
  • Pour a layer of pebbles or clay balls to ensure good drainage and fill the pot with a mixture of 2/3 of good soil for 1/3 of river sand.
  • Plant your bulbs by spacing them 3 to 5 cm apart.

Maintenance of muscari

Once planted, forget about your bulbs until their spring bloom.

In the ground, no need to water, in pot water when the earth dries 3 centimeters and the muscaris are already well out but never leave water in the cup.

After the flowering you can install in the garden your muscaris having adorned your potées.

In the summer the dormancy period begins, leaf wilting is a normal phenomenon that must be allowed to be accomplished without cutting them so that the bulb makes its reserves for the future flowering.

No need to water during dormancy

Collect some compost on the ground in autumn. You can leave your bulbs in place all winter because they are perfectly rustic. With time they will multiply and form beautiful clumps that you can divide every 4 years for replanting in other areas of the garden.

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