Use Your Office Furniture to Enhance Teamwork

Teamwork is cited as a core value in many companies nowadays. It is hardly surprising; much of the results expected from today’s organizations will be impossible to achieve if coworkers do not bring their knowledge and skills together effectively.

Use Your Office Furniture to Enhance Teamwork

While companies opt to devote time and effort in conducting team building workshops or sending employees to seminars, many do not realize that their office layout is not conducive to collaborative efforts. Taking the time to carefully consider workspace layouts and office furniture can also help foster teamwork and camaraderie among coworkers.

Years ago, getting a closed-door corner office was the standard aspiration for many office workers. In the last decade or so, however, workspaces featuring an open floor plan have been on the rise. In these offices, much consideration is given to four main activities which are then provisioned with suitable areas and equipped with the corresponding office furniture: collaboration, concentrated work, learning, and social exchange.

Office group spaces are established to encourage collaboration and information exchange. These rooms may be furnished with flip-top modular tables and stacking chairs that can be easily set up according to the number of team members and quickly arranged in a manner that facilitates easy and comfortable communication and idea-sharing. Group rooms may also be equipped with tools such as video-conferencing equipment among others to accommodate virtual meetings with remote team members.

Sometimes, employees require peace and quiet to be able to focus on their individual work. To address these needs, private spots may be allotted on a free-for-all basis or assigned to specific team members. These spots call for workstations that can adequately accommodate computers and paperwork and should be provisioned with office screens for privacy spacious height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs designed to facilitate uninterrupted and concentrated work.

Office furniture Workers also need an area for research and learning. Some workplaces set aside an area stocked with materials, tools and technology that facilitate information gathering. Appropriate office furniture for these spaces may include easy-access shelves and other storage options for reference materials, as well as provisions for the proper organization of cables and wires used by the tools and gadgets.

Lastly, office workers also need to take time off from the daily grind and talk with their colleagues on non-work-related topics. They will appreciate a well-ventilated pantry where they can comfortably take their coffee or lunch breaks or a living-room-style space where they can relax with their office mates.

Setting up an office primed for teamwork is not easy, but by understanding which activities will contribute to camaraderie and team productivity, you can identify ways to plan and furnish your office space accordingly.

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